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One who quests for the truth would not stop until he finds it. Today, the multitude of interactions between people has made new grounds for new ideas, questions and doubts in religion. Thus answering questions and removing doubts is a serious responsibility of religious scholars. The Administration of the Holy Shrine of Imam Reza (a) in Mashad in cooperation with the International Institute for Islamic Studies in Qom have made a new step in taking over the above-mentioned responsibility, while appreciating valuable efforts of other institutions, and try to provide appropriate answers to the questions being risen today and therefore implore the help of God and ask for your du’aas to be successful in this regard.


The website of Inquiries.ir is trying to answer your questions using the leading experts of the Seminary of Qom. We hope to make good steps for promoting messages of Islam and the Ahl al-Bayt (a) having the participation of the members of the website.


Although this website is established mainly in Shiite grounds, definitely tries to respect other schools of religion and their followers and uses a logical, authentic and fair language to deal with different topics and opinions.



Please contact info@inquiries.ir for any criticisms, suggestions or comments.

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